Halloween 2020: Shakina Nayfack costumed in ‘Witch’ Ensemble!

The social media accounts of the celebrities are flooded with Halloween 2020 special snapshots leaving the viewers bemused and baffled! One such post was shared by the most celebrated American actress and Transgender activist Shakina Nayfack. The actress was looking extremely magical and stunningly elegant in her black-shaded witch Armour.

The Halloween special photograph was shared by the actress through her official Instagram page the other day.

Shakina Nayfack the transgender activistt

“Like my grandma used to say, I’m sort of a witch. Happy Halloween everyone. The veil is thin, welcome your spirit guides and ancestors. Ask them to sit with you, to whisper their messages into your dreams. Tonight I’ll be sharing a glass of scotch with my loved ones who’ve crossed over. They are as present now as ever, just as close to us as breathing”-posted the star.

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Shakina Nayfack seeks the blessings of the Ancestors on the day of Halloween

Wearing her enchanting witch robe she acknowledged her grandmother who used to entertain her by calling her ‘witch’. Along with this she also expressed her reverence to all the ancestors who have entered the abode of God. She urges everyone to seek for their blessings and guidance to lead them forth in their life ahead. She exclaims that we are always guarded by the spirits of our ancestors. Though they are not visibly present beside us, they do exist as close to our breath-remarked the actress.

With her golden wavy hair untied and thrown open to the air, wearing her bewitching enchantress outfit she looked extremely captivating as always. Recently she has been a constant media presence with her novel quarantine sitcom ‘Connecting’ that has fetched her the title ‘first transgender woman to star in network prime time sitcom’. Through this very sitcom, she has come up with a glimmer of hope for all the trans people out there in society who are often ostracized and sidelined from the mainstream social sphere.

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