Halloween 2020: This is what Lady Gaga did to celebrate her Halloweens Day

What happens when Halloween 2020 and Election 2020 are met together? Well, this is what the American Pop singer Lady Gaga attempted to illustrate for her fan followers. Yes, the recent Halloween Day video posted by the star was unique in its own way that it caught the public within seconds.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic when the celebrations are strictly tied to the pandemic protocols, the celebrities were having a tough time celebrating Halloween 2020. When the majority of them limited their celebration to different costume outfit parties, here’s Lady Gaga with a message to alarm and remind society about the importance of the vote.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga

In these days of Halloween hullabaloo, the thought of Election 2020 had had a chance to escape from the mind of the US crowd was in fact a striking reality for many until they saw the Gaga-ic celebrations of Halloween 2020. Going against the grain, the star stunned her followers with her three different ‘Voting Ensembles’ on the day of Halloween.

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“I hope this Halloween I’m influencing you… to GET TO THE POLLS!! Use this audio and show me how you’re going to #ServeThePolls and visit gettothepolls.com to get more info on how to vote!”-posted the singer.

Lady Gaga celebrated her Halloweens Day in three ‘Voting Outfits’!

Dancing and posing to the song ‘I am so eye candy’ Lady Gaga came up with three various appearances so as to influence her fans to cast their polls since the Elections are round the corner. The first among was “Bad Romance” crooner dressed in a gray Blackpink T-shirt, a glowing mouthpiece, and pink color with long spikes. She holds up the rock sign with her hands. Following this, she came up with a sexy tan crop top outfit carrying her shopping bag and wearing her shades. With the ‘I Voted’ badge pinned to her chest this pose was meant to influence her fans to vote. The last and final appearance of the actress was quite attractive in which she wore a white shaded nylon coat with the word ‘Vote’ painted on it. She paired it with black pants and had her long hair tied back into a low ponytail with some strands hanging down the side of her face.

Though the varied Halloween appearance of Lady Gaga seemed to be a bit outlandish for many, her effort to rekindle the spirit to vote is worth mentioning and must be appreciated!

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