‘Hamilton’ star Miguel Cervantes’s 3-year old Passed Away,’ She went peacefully in my arms’: Miguel Cervantes

“Hamilton” star Miguel Cervantes and his spouse, Kelly, have shared the Shocking news that their daughter Adelaide has Passed away. Adelaide was suffered from “a severe form of childhood epilepsy,” Kelly says in her blog post.

The couple shared their heartbreaking loss on social media.

“The machines are off. Her bed is empty. The quiet is deafening. Miss Adelaide Grace left us early Saturday morning,” Kelly wrote. “She went peacefully in my arms and surrounded by love. Finally, she is free from pain, reactions, and seizures but leaves our hearts shattered. We love you so much Adelaideybug and forever after.”

The Pain of Losing: Watch the heart touching images of Cervantes with his Daughter

Cervantes shared his wife’s post and added that he, Kelly and their older son Jackson, 7, are “doing OK.”

“We are comforted knowing there are so many people sending positive vibes. We are seeing all of it … We will be celebrating her life and legacy soon.”

Miguel is a drama and screen actor he is now playing Alexander Hamilton in the Chicago production of “Hamilton.”

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The family informed the news of Adelaide’s death to “People” magazine, in which they also mentioned that Miguel would be taking a short break from the shows, but would return soon.

Kelly recently wrote in an Oct 4th blog post that Adelaide had moved into hospital care.

Miguel Cervantes
Miguel Cervantes

In another last post, the mom of two kids had a written a letter to Adelaide, saying, “It is my turn to be the strongest… and let you go.”

“Your loss will shatter me in ways I never thought possible but you’ve provided us with everything we need to heal. When it’s time sweet girl, we’ll be with you, and forever after.”

The couple will continue their contribution to fighting epilepsy in people.

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