Hannah Brown Confirms She’s Single to Tyler Cameron Hearsay

“Are Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown committed?” The question that has been going through the minds of Bachelorette fans for days receives a straight and crisp reply.

Watch: What is really happening between Hannah and Tyler?

The two of them met on her season of the Bachelorette and was not a good one for Taylor. She went on to be in relation with Jed Wyatt which lasted only for few days. After all the speculation and drama, Brown and Cameron started dating but failed to continue with it.

Even much before all these hullabaloos, Hannah Brown had caught the public talking about sex on Television, through her show Bachelorette. Now she is being paired with Jed first, followed by Tyler, which is totally denied by the star.

After days, both met again on March 14 when Hanna went to Florida to be with Taylor because of his mother’s death. She flew back to her home and revisited Tyler before the quarantine. The two along with their friends were having fun by posting Tik Tok videos which surprised fans and kept them wondering which also exacerbated the situation.


“If you would have asked me a few years ago I would have been like, ‘for sure by 25 I’m married’ and possibly thinking about kids in the next..trying to get pregnant right now probably. A lot of my friends have babies, and they are the best moms, but I couldn’t imagine. I mean, I could be if something had happened. I’m not ready for that just yet. I’m still trying to figure out my life and how it’s changed.”- Brown stepped forward to the rumours.

This statement wraps up the entire controversies happening in the past month. Hanna Brown and Tyler Cameron are not committed. But still who knows the future!

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