Harry and Meghan Split Up with Four UK tabloids

The Royal couple seems to be enjoying a constant media attention. Recently, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were found supplying food to the helpless in L.A and now the duo have come up with yet another announcement.

Prince Harry and Meghan unexpectedly split up with four UK tabloids. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have announced they will no longer respond to inquiries from journalists at four British newspaper groups because they are adopting a ‘zero engagement’ policy – but insist it is not a move aimed at ‘avoiding criticism’.

In a letter released to the Guardian on Sunday night, Los Angeles-based Prince Harry and Meghan say they will never speak to publications including The Daily Mail, Mirror, The Sun, or Express, again. This policy is not about avoiding criticism. It’s not about shutting down public conversation or censoring accurate reporting “Media have every right to report on and indeed have an opinion on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, good or bad. But it can’t be based on a lie.” the media quoted the couple’s representatives as saying.

The announcement came hours after Prince Harry criticized for claiming the UK’s COVID-19 crisis is not as bad as the public told.’ They also want to be very clear: this is not in any way a blanket policy for all media.’ The strongly worded letter then goes on to suggest that British tabloids have been responsible for publishing ‘salacious gossip,’ which they know to be ‘distorted, false, or invasive beyond reason.’


In the letter the pair praise the work of the media as a ‘cornerstone to any democracy’ that ‘shines a light on dark places, telling stories that would otherwise go untold, standing up for what’s right, challenging power, and holding those who abuse the system to account. ‘ However, they state that they have found the actions of an ‘influential slice of the media’ gravely concerning, adding that they believe there is a ‘human cost. ‘ Both Prince Harry and Meghan say they have watched people they know as well as strangers have their lives completely pulled apart for no good reason’ by the media.

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