Hashtag #ProudBoys is getting Hijacked by Gay Men

The hashtag is one simple and powerful tool in the world of Social Media. Many movements including ‘The Me Too’ (#MeToo) movement went viral around the world and it led to many many ones coming forward with their experience.

Hashtag #ProudBoys: Watch To Know More

Since the Presidential Debate of 2020, the Hashtag #ProudBoys is gaining wide recognition. The ‘Proud Boys’ hashtag which was used mainly by a far-right fascist and male-only group with the same name is being outdone by the Male Gay community.

The US President Donald Trump calls on (Proud Boys) Extremists during the presidential Debate made the Gay Male community make the hashtag movement.

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Since the Debate, over 100,000 tweets have come on Twitter with the PeoudBoys hashtag, done by the Gay Males to outnumber the extremists’ posts.

Many celebrities came in supporting the initiative of claiming the hashtag. Jennifer Scheurle wrote on Twitter “YALL.

Hashtag #ProudBoys is getting Hijacked by Gay Men
Hashtag #ProudBoys is getting Hijacked by Gay Men

The #ProudBoys hashtag has been hijacked by the gays to piss off the Nazis and I’ll happily do my part by flooding the internet with the only acceptable proud boys out there: the very gay ones”.

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