“He was a Trailblazer,” says Dwayne Johnson about his DAD!

Celebrating and honoring the “Black History,” Feb 2021 saw a humongous ball of snapshots and posts shared by celebrities around the globe. For instance, recently Michelle Obama, the first African-American first lady promoted the ‘Black Artists’ in association with celebrating ”Black History Month.” Now here we have yet another legend glorifying and celebrating the legacy of his father and its none other than the ‘Rock,’ Dwayne Johnson!

Dwayne Johnson aka the ‘Rock’ who recently mustered a world wide attention by sharing his secret POST-WORKOUT SHAKE recipe to his fan followers has now come up with something highly esteemed when he ruminates over the historical battle of his father to carve a space for himself.

Dwayne Johnson thanks his dad for his LIFE LESSONS!

“He was a trailblazer. He made HISTORY by becoming the first black world tag team champions with Tony Atlas. He was my dad. And the hardest working man I knew. Growing up on the road with my dad – the love was tough and the lessons were hard. But ultimately all those lessons evolved and became invaluable to me as a man.

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Thank you to our communities, @nbc & @nbcyoungrock for showing love and respect for the trail my dad blazed. Very proud of you dad, thanks for the lessons and see you on down the road,” posted the star. He ruminates about the racial tension that his dad had to go through in the 60s and the 70s while pursuing his career in wrestling.

Dwayne with his Dad
Dwayne with his Dad

“He had to fight his way and circumvent a lot of racial man-minds and also fight through that to really become successful,” says the actor. He was very wild and unpredictable, remembers the Rock and says that this trait of his father had really helped him out to fight the odds in his life as well.

This indeed has opened up different ways of life and various perspectives on survival which turned out to be highly beneficial for him throughout his career as an actor as well as a wrestler.

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