Hidden Truths about ‘Antarctica’ that will blow your mind!

The one and only continent which is least human friendly, which shall never hold human life! One of the top most defining statements attributed to Antarctica! But ‘Antarctica’ today has become even more mysterious. The hidden truth behind the mysterious facade of Antarctica is no longer safe. Let’s find out more about it. Dig deep and who knows you might come across something precious!

1. Giant Hole

Back in 2017, it was discovered that the continent developed a hole in the size of Ireland, a gigantic one! Known as a polynya, the hole was one among the biggest holes so far developed since the 1970s, covering a span of 78,000 square kilometres. It was later discovered that the cooler saltier water found in the deeper areas of the sea was the contributing factor to development of Polynya and shall sink when the water comes into contact with the colder surface water.

2. New Forms of Life

When you think about Antarctica, the first and only lease of life that comes to your mind is penguins. Apart from penguins you might be aware about the existence of polar bears as well. But is there anything else on Antarctica?

Marine Reserves In Antartica
Marine Reserves In Antartica

Well, yes! It is found out that a few bacteria grow beneath half a mile of ice, just a couple of hundred miles from the south pole. Recently, at the University of Montana, researchers led by ecologist John Priscu drilled into Lake Mercer under the West Antarctic ice sheet and discovered that it was full of life! About 10,000 bacterial cells were weighed per milliliter of lake water. Being merely 1% of the amount of ice, it is surprising to note that such minute creatures are able to withstand such extreme cold, sunless places like that.

3. Lost City of Atlantis

Stronger Marine Conversation
Stronger Marine Conversation

Deep below the ice bed, beneath the ocean lies the mystery of life in Antarctica. It is her the abandoned city of Atlantis said to be buried under the miles of ice. Before getting frozen to ice life the continent might not have been so hostile to human life, It might have sustained human life that might have become extinct with the advent of the ice age. But is it a fable or reality has not yet been confirmed.

4. Home for Aliens

Having carried a fair share of conspiracy theories within the land of ice, Antarctica has always left the world bemused till the day. Many claim that the continent was once home to extraterrestrials, from elongated skulls and strange pyramids to alien spaceships, weird constructs, or even a massive staircase.

An Ice burg in Antartica
An Ice burg in Antartica

It is even discovered that the continent may be a living home for aliens who have created a hotspot using a Giant UFO that may respond to the emission of green light from the sky. A wild guess though!

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5. Shackleton’s Ship: Lost and Found

Back in 1915, the resilience of Sir Ernest Shackleton tempted him to sail around the world, particularly to visit the mysterious continent Antarctica. His resilience was later carried on and taken over by his ship that though they got lost in the midst of their expedition, the ship managed to make its way towards Antarctica. The Shackleton ship slipped under the Weddell Sea, trapped by the relentless ice of the Antarctic.

Shackleton and his men left the ship that had been frozen for months in a pack of ice. Leaving the ship behind they set out on a lifeboat voyage of 720 nautical miles for South Georgia Island, where they were rescued.

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