Hillary Clinton slams Donald Trump Administration

2016 Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton slammed the Trump Administration over the incidents such as the police shooting Jacob Blake and Kyle Rittenhouse killing two protesters in Kenosha. She said these incidents demonstrate the failure of the Trump administration

Hillary Clinton on Twitter

She accused the Republican convention “law breaking”.  She said the convention was to try to picture the President like a “King”. 

“What we saw last night sums up so much of the Trump administration: A law-breaking convention on your dime, on the lawn of your house, to celebrate a president like a king for overseeing the needless deaths of 180,000 Americans- and counting.” She wrote on Twitter on 28 August.

Many people commented and retweeted Hillary’s tweet. “One of the comments was “He needs to reimburse the American taxpayers the rental fee for this garish partisan display. And that would be me, a US taxpayer. I let him live there but have not agreed to this kind of unprecedented lawlessness and breaking of norms.” 

“He’s got to go. I’m seriously thinking of moving out of this country if he is re-elected. Our entire democracy is in trouble.” another user commented.

Many other significant people tweeted against using of White House as Republican convention venue.

Trump is accused of breaking the Hatch Act by conducting the convention in front of the White House. The Hatch Act prevents federal employees from engaging in political activities on the job and in federal buildings.

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