Hiroshima: 75 Years Of The Atomic Bomb Attack

In The Memory Atomic Bomb Attack: Watch the Visuals

“We must never allow this painful past to repeat itself, Civil society must reject self-centred nationalism and unite against all threats. I ask the Japanese government to heed the appeal of the [bombing survivors] to sign, ratify and become a party to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, As the only nation to suffer a nuclear attack, Japan must persuade the global public to unite with the spirit of Hiroshima.” Hiroshima Mayor Kazumi Matsui said in an address today.

In the speech, today at japan Mayor Kazumi Matsui urged the world leaders to enter into a serious commitment for nuclear disarmament. Mayor also pointed out the failures of Japan due to the atomic bomb attack. During the speech, he added the survivors’ feelings, which is the hypocrisy of the japan government, which hosts 500000 American troops and is protected under US nuclear umbrella. Japan hasn’t signed the nuclear weapon ban treaty adopted in 2017 despite its non-nuclear pledge. Its regarded as the failure to act that atomic bombing survivors and the pacific groups called insincerely.

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The Enola gay’s mission started from the titans in the Marianas. The US dropped its first atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, destroying the city and killing 140000 people, mostly civilians, including children. Another attack on Nagasaki followed the devastating bomb attack after three days. The painful memory and the strong desire of the survivors to abolish war were visible throughout Japan today. On August nine, japan prime minister Shinzō Abe will attend the annual memorial services on the capital to pay tribute to the victims and survivors. In past years abe had renewed the pledges for a nuclear war-free world. There was a memorial commenced for Koreans who were exposed to the harmful radiation from the bombing. 

Hiroshima Atomic Bombing
Hiroshima Atomic Bombing

Survivors, their relatives, and other citizens marked the 8.15 AM blast anniversary with a minute of silence. The peace ceremony at the Hiroshima peace memorial park was scaled down this year. The number was reduced due to the covid19 pandemic.

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