Holding the Jacket, Cardi B is all set to make ‘an announcement tomorrow!

Tomorrow seems to be a remarkable one for Cardi B! The enchanting seductress Cardi B has got some serious plans for the coming day! Though Cardi B had to delete her Twitter account, she is back in action through her Instagram account. The actress recently took to her Instagram page to announce that she is about to make some ‘announcement’ tomorrow. But what is it about? What is brewing up in her mind?

As soon as she shared the post captioned ‘I got an announcement tomorrow,’ her fan followers came up with their contributions to the possibilities behind her ‘nail-biting announcement’ status.

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The Instagram post which was accompanied by a video snippet in which she literally voiced out ‘I got an announcement to make tomorrow, bye’, followed by a glottal sound. She appeared extremely sexy in a blue-black denim jacket, exposing her flawless, healthy skin, carrying a designer shopping spree hand bag and wearing a floral head scarf as always.

Pre order for 'UP' is now available in Cardi B's Website
Pre order for ‘UP’ is now available in Cardi B’s Website

But above all these the background music song was something caught that the fans got clinged to. Playing an old ‘Indian Hindi classic’ in the backdrop of her video, she makes a stylish ramp walk declaring that she is all set to be off to make her ‘announcement’.

Does Cardi B listen to Hindi songs?

But what is she planning to announce? Seeing her holding the jacket in a peculiar manner, most of her fan followers made a wild guess that she is pregnant with her second baby. Recently, Cardi B back with her estranged husband Offset after divorce for her birthday bash has resulted in many scoops and rumors. Also, some of her fans doubt that the announcement has got something to do with her collaboration with Nicki.

With all these guesses and speculations in the air, everybody is anxiously looking forward to hearing from her. Wait till tomorrow and stay tuned to know more about her ‘announcement’.  

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