Honduras Government proclaimed their faith in the Biden administration

It is indeed a tough time for Honduras! Neither nature nor man are ready to stick up for them. Of late, their struggle to construct an abode for themselves in the US was brutally prohibited by the Guatemala soldiers, causing a vast majority injured to death.

Recently, in a press meeting held on Wednesday, the Honduras government proclaimed their faith in the Biden administration. For them the last resort is the Biden presidency who shall be sworn in the ruler of United States of America in the nearest hours. The Government of Honduras considered that the rise to power of President-Elect Joe Biden is an important opportunity to increase aid through the Alliance for Prosperity program, negotiate a new Temporary Protected Status (TPS), and maintain the fight against drug trafficking.

“It is a new opportunity to strengthen the relations of cooperation and understanding that we have historically maintained with the United States. The relationship will continue to be cordial and our agreements will prevail, considering the adjustments that are necessary and more convenient for our country” Honduran Foreign Minister, Lisandro Rosales, said.

The Honduras government openly expressed that they are optimistic about the Biden administration particularly because of his revised Immigration policies. Considering the revised policies in Immigration, within the first 100 days of his presidency, Biden said he would send Congress a comprehensive immigration reform plan, including a “pathway to citizenship” for the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.

Immigration Policy of the Biden Presidency instills a ray of hope in Honduras!

With respect to this nuanced Immigration policies, the Honduras government believes that this new administration shall open a path of hope for beneficiaries of the TPS and the Dream Act, known as Tepesianos and Dreamers respectively.

“We continue to do what is necessary to support our people in this process and for now we are waiting for a new TPS – the request has already been made. We believe that there are great possibilities that the chance of a permanent status will be opened to thousands of Hondurans who live in the USA,” Honduran Foreign Minister, Lisandro Rosales, said.

Regarding the announcement of President-Elect Biden to increase around 4 billion dollars in four years in aid programs for the region, Rosales assured that the government sees this proposal with hope and “welcomes any action aimed at improving conditions and the life of our people and make Honduras a more inclusive country with greater opportunities. “

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