Houston Police helicopter crashes while carrying police officers

A Houston police helicopter carrying police officers has crashed into an apartment block, two cops have injured in the horror crash.

The crash was reported at about 2 a.m. at the Biscayne at City view Apartments complex located at 17050 Imperial Valley Drive, near the Greens point neighborhood. According to Police Chief Art Acevedo, the two officers were in the 75 Fox helicopter from the Houston Police Department’s Air Operations Unit. They were investigating reports of bodies floating in a bayou.

Houston police helicopter Crash: Watch the Visuals

The officers were trapped in the wreckage “for an extended period” before being cut out by city firefighters and flown to a hospital where they were being operated on by trauma surgeons, Acevedo said. He said they were in “pretty bad shape.” The nature of the officers injuries was not immediately apparent.”

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I promise you that pilot was doing everything he could not strike an apartment,” PC Acevedo said. He said that the fact no one injured on the ground was a ‘miracle’. He continues the helicopter landed in an apartment complex, but somehow the pilot avoided all residential buildings and only clipped the clubhouse as it fell to the ground.

75 Fox helicopter
75 Fox helicopter

Acevedo said three suspects had taken into custody. The shots fired, and the crash appears to be unrelated, officials said.

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