Hugh Jackman’s Act Of Kindness Yields The Heart Of His Followers

Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman shared a birthday wishing video on instagram today. Her little fan Julia said referring Hugh Jackmans words.

He also said” Hi Julia. I’m so proud of you. Keep concentrating! I love @elmo too. Happy birthday! Love Hugh.”

Hugh Jackman Posted Birthday Wishes To His Young Fan On Instagram: Watch Jackman’s Fan Moments

The mother of Julia responded to the video  “Oh my gosh THANK YOU for giving this shout out and wishing my daughter a Happy Birthday!! You have made her year! She asks for you to come over for dinner quite often!😊 Thank you for caring for all your fans!! ❤️”

His fans and followers showered the happiness and  birthday wishes for Julia along with the appreciatiob for his kind act. The popular comments received for the video are follows,

“This soo sweet , mate ! ❤️Thank you for always taking time to do sweet things like this ,Hugh ! One of the many reasons we love you 🤗You are the best !”

“That’s beautiful Hugh… Julia obviously loves you very much… just like the rest of us… I was in the audience at your show at the Hollywood Bowl last summer and watched as you gave Orlando a wonderful, transformative moment of self employernent too. You are a very beautiful man. “

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“What a wonderful birthday video for Julia. She’s an absolute angel. Well done for concentrating Julia. Hugh and Elmo taught you well”

“Thank you, Hugh, for being the most inspirational and heartwarming role model that you are”

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman

“This is the most precious video! You’ve made my morning, friend 🙌🌟 May you and Julia always be blessed and concentrate on the good ❤️

This guy is the sweetest guy and such a good actor”

Hugh Jackman is already known for his kindness and philanthropy .

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