“I am proud of myself,” says Chrissy Teigen working with a TALENTED CREW!

Chrissy Teigen, who has been recently venturing out to the world of cuisine and delicacy has recently made an optimistic comment about her success in her new pastures. Of late, Chrissy Teigen had shared a new recipe which she guaranteed that had the potential to make us fall in love with it.

Recently, the author of the most famous cookbook Cravings took to her Instagram page to share an optimistic note analyzing her successes till date.

The OPTIMISTIC NOTE of Chrissy Teigen shall boost you up!

“it is not often I am proud of myself. I have a fantastic quality of cheering others on but the downside of rarely being happy for my successes! But looking at market/restaurant spaces in the HEART of Beverly Hills, working with the likes of @jakearnold and even morrrre talented people, my god, I could have never imagined. This…this makes my flatlined levels of pride have a bit of a heartbeat. We are about to disrupt some shit,” posted the star.

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Being a constant influencer, she used to cheer others. But when it came to her, she found it a daunting task to energize herself, says Chrissy. Now when she turns back and assesses all those eponymous tasks and ventures that she established in her marketing career, she says that she is finally “proud of herself.”

Chrissy Teigen venturing out to the world of cuisine and delicacy
Chrissy Teigen venturing out to the world of cuisine and delicacy

She draws our attention to the well-established restaurant spaces in the heart of Beverly Hills with the well-equipped interior designer Jake Arnold. Through this very post, the star tries to echo the universal thought “have faith in oneself and anything is possible.”

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