“I hate him,” says Cardi B about her husband Offset!

The age old rivalry between the renowned American rapper Cardi B and her husband Offset had recently come to a full stop in the midst of the release of her brand new single UP. Following this Cardi B and Offset had also shared some intimate images of their Valentine special beacation, re ensuring and mending their fissures. But now, what’s happening? What’s their current relationship status?

These questions turned out to be pertinent when the singer recently shared a video of Offset with a striking, yet contradictory comment.

What’s going on between Cardi B and Offset?

“I hate him,” posted the singer.

Analyzing the video, one could easily understand the fact that it was a funny comment aimed at her beloved. Offset, who is found to be engrossed in his rapacious dance moves, to the latest released single UP by his loving wife, can be in fact read as a visible celebration of true love!

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The giggles that he has on his face towards the end of the dancing video is indeed a symbol of their quality time together.

Taking a journey through the timeline of their love life, the duo met in 2017 and got married that same year. The couple has been on-again,off-again for a few years.

Cardi-B Shared-some INTIMATE IMAGES with her husband Offset on Valentines Day
Cardi-B Shared-some INTIMATE IMAGES with her husband Offset on Valentines Day

Later, in 2018, the pair welcomed their first child, a daughter named Kulture. Following this, Cardi B filed for divorce from Offset in September 2020. However, the two got back together in October 2020. And finally she dismissed the petition for divorce in November 2020, reuniting with Offset forever!

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