Top 5 Incredible Facts about Andrew Luck

Through his unbelievable decision to retire prime, Andrew Luck, former quarterback of Indianapolis Colts sought the attention of entire football lovers.

In his professional career of 7 years, Andrew Luck achieved Heisman Trophy, Maxwell Award, Manning Award, Walter Camp player of the year, Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, NFL Honors- AP Comeback player of the year and many more on the list. Luck was a different personality, and he proved it in many ways.

Early Retirement

Andrew Luck shocked the football world with his disclosure of getting retired at the age of 29 from his carrier, which was acknowledged as a brave and an unbelievable decision. Luck was struggling with back to back injuries, with no break for him to heal properly. He was positioned on top of his game when he put an end to his football carrier.

Reading Habits

What does a football player have to do with reading? Andrew Luck was an excellent reader. He had unusual selections on books. He had particular interest in concrete architecture. Andrew often recommended good books to his friends and proved he is intelligent not only in the football field but also in reading.

Social Media Ignorance

As a public figure, usually, people love social platform and fame. Andrew Luck was a person who hated public attention and was not involved with social media.

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Oliver Luck, father of Andrew and former Commissioner of the XFL, during Dan Patric show, claimed that “He is one of these millennials that is not involved with social media,” Oliver said. “I guess there is still a handful of those guys out there. As a result, it was very easy for him to get out of the spotlight and live his own life.”

Ideal Patriarch

Andrew Luck, married to Nicole Pechanec, is a family person. He is an ideal husband to Nicole and a super dad to his daughter Lucy.“It was awesome,” Luck said in April. “It was the best day of my life, and probably the best offseason I’ve ever had.” Olive Luck also mentioned about his son in the Dan Patric show, that “Andrew Luck is Mr. Mom right now.”

Battle with injuries

Luck went through a series of simultaneous injuries that affected his mental and physical health at its worst. A concussion, lacerated kidney, a torn cartilage in his throwing shoulder were some of them. Despite these circumstances, he achieved a 53-33 career record, 171 touchdowns, and 23,671 passing yards with a beautiful carrier passer rate of 89.5.

There was something more he aimed beyond his football carrier. Andrew Luck walked out from approximately 58 million dollars, at the age of 29. He was 100 percent confident at the root of his decision.

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