Indians in Kuwait faces an unexpected setback

Indians in Kuwait, who does not hold a valid residency permit in the country, are forced to leave the country following the amnesty scheme of Kuwait government. The Kuwaitian authorities received more than 3000 applications from the Indian workers for leaving the country without any penalty.

According to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, around one lakh Indians are assumed as part of the Kuwait population, which is 4.5 million. Indians are repatriated by the Kuwaitian Government, bearing their expense, itself. Even though other Indians in Kuwait who are citizens of the country and those with valid residence proof are living there, Indians are concerned about the deadly coronavirus and the surging infection rate. Even the US, which is the world’s largest economy by nominal GDP is struggling with more than 80,000 deaths and 1,457,593 infected cases has surging death tolls, especially in the US. Furthermore, US unemployment rushed substantially as a result bulk petitions for unemployment benefits were received by US government officials.

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Most of the Indians were attracted by the fabulous living style and currency value of Kuwait. These are some of the reasons why Indians chose Kuwait to build their future.

Indians in Kuwait says it’s a haven

Indians in Kuwait
Indians in Kuwait

There are sporadic cases reported against the expatriates in terms of caste, culture, or color. Despite the terrorist attack in 2015, Kuwait is the safest place to live a peaceful life. However, small thefts and robberies in crowded places often happen, which is a usual scene in all countries.

Kuwait’s Economy

Though Kuwait has a low economy, it is a wealthy petroleum-based providence. Kuwait holds position number 4, for the wealthiest country in the world per capita. As it is one of the high-income countries, Kuwait can be considered as a developing nation.

Wide Tourism spots in Kuwait

The top attractions in the tourism field are The Avenues, South Al-Mubarakiya, Grand Mosque, Al Shaheed Park, Kuwait Towers, and many more in the list. Even though Kuwait is an expensive country to visit, people choose it because of these beautiful spots.

Shopping Paradise

Varieties of shopping malls and brand stores are present in Kuwait, but what makes it different from other countries is the elimination of value-added taxes for goods. Local shopping facilities, unlike malls, are often famous in the country. The West Asian country exempts income taxes. Furthermore, Kuwait does not entertain any individual taxes like inheritance tax or property tax. However, most of the goods are imported hence necessary commodities are highly charged.

Highest Payments

Kuwait, one of the countries with the highest percentage of foreigners in the world, has a decent pay. A person working in Kuwait typically earns a minimum of around 1270KWD per month, which is more than 4100 USD. The Kuwaiti dinar is the highest valued money in the world.

Indians in Kuwait’s present scenario

Indians in Kuwait are unaware of their future living plans as no one can predict how long the virus will harm the entire world. Only if a person lives in Kuwait for 20 years, also one who is Muslim by birth or conversion shall apply for citizenship in Kuwait. And only the citizens shall get the majority of government assistance during this pandemic. India and Kuwait have a strong bond between them in terms of history, culture, economy, and people. India also assisted Kuwait recently by sending a 15 membered health team to confront coronavirus.

Indian Medical team visits Kuwait
Indian Medical team visits Kuwait

Indians in Kuwait reached India through the Vande Bharat Mission. Two days back, 146 Indians reached Mumbai from Kuwait. Active tests are conducted for everyone. Most of them are worried about the hurdles that they have to jump again for going back to Kuwait, after this pandemic.

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