Interview: Jennifer Garner gets emotional when she speaks of her Mom’s life saving words!

Finally Jennifer Garner has opened up her heart! The intimate interview of the actress Jennifer Garner for the show ‘Tell Me More With Kelly Corrigan’ was flooded with her heart-rending journey to the limelight.

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Remembering about her roots,she narrated the painful journey of her mother and her struggles to make her the person that she has become. “My mom grew up really poor in Locust Grove, Oklahoma on a farm’- said the actress when she spoke about her mother’s poverty. She also credited her mother for helping her to get a graduate degree. She also showered her immense respect towards her mother’s upbringing which for her was always beneficial throughout her life.

Jennifer Garner on what she learned from her parents.

Quoting her mother’s words “I’m never ashamed of growing up poor. Rather, I am amazed by the grace and dignity that my parents had throughout my childhood,” the actress articulated about the importance of motherhood and their irreplaceable roles in the lives of their children. Infact she admitted the fact that it’s this aspect of her mother that has influenced her to travel the world when she pointed out about how her mom struggled to get a chance to travel with the help of an ad in the Life magazine after a day long task of baby sitting.

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“She found an ad to be a girl scout counselor in Maine, and she applied and got on a bus and went to Maine, and it was kind of the beginning of my mom’s real itch to see and understand the world. And now she’s been to 50 states and to seven continents”- said the actress with great pride.

jennifer garner and mother

She also never forgot to mention about her dad Billy Jack who was a constant influence right from her childhood. Her statement”My parents are just of the salt of the earth” encapsulated the whole idea of what parenthood meant to her.

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