Is Batman: The Killing Joke Releasing On Netflix?

Batman: The Killing Joke is one of the best graphic novel ever written by Alan Moore. It’s dark, haunting and really engaging. It took two iconic characters Batman/Joker and dissects the relationship between the two and how both of them tick.

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It’s such an interesting storyline that was pulled off so magnificently. Even a non-comic book reader do consider the graphic novel to as brilliant.

the first third is basically just a batgirl movie that was never apart of the original comic and has absolutely nothing to do with the killing joke. Now when it does get to the killing joke the dialogue is intelligent, it may be copied but it’s non the less good but to get to it you have to sit through more dialogue like this, “must be that time of the month, and they say the gay scene is weird (scoffs). 

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And let’s get down to one of the most hated and talked about scene in the entire movie, batman does batgirl it was never in the comic, it’s creepy because batman has to be in his 30s or 40s, it’s creepy because he’s supposed to be her mentor, it’s uncool because she’s one of his closest allies daughter. it looks exactly like the comic, but still, nothing’s really prolonged or added except the mediocre musical number and of course that awful prologue. 

Batman Killing Joke
Batman Killing Joke

If you read the comic there’s hardly any reason to watch it because it’s basically the same, and you’d have to get to the prologue to get to it. Forgot to make one last joke for a scene where the joker’s fiancé “I love you a job or no job, your good in the sack and you make me laugh” (What every man wants.)

The movie is releasing on Netflix from October 15,2020.

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