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    Is “Elder Scrolls 6” Coming To Playstation 5?

    Despite Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda, The Elder Scrolls VI may be coming to the PlayStation 5, Sony teases on their official blog. PlayStation’s official blog teases The Elder Scrolls VI as an anticipated title, and while it’s more of a hint than an announcement, it’s a good indicator that the popular Bethesda title isn’t as beholden to Microsoft as was originally thought.

    Microsoft had bought ZeniMax Media and Bethesda back in September by which it began a console war with Sony taking exclusive ownership of some of gaming’s most popular and profitable franchises most notably DOOM, Fallout, and The Elder Scrolls.

    Sony opened up the Game of the Year polls on PlayStation Blog to let players vote on the best that 2020 had to offer in the “Most Anticipated Game” section, nestled between Elden Ring and Far Cry 6, was none other than The Elder Scrolls VI. This may or may not have any basis in reality.

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    Microsoft, Sony, and Bethesda are still keeping silent about whether or not the game is actually destined to make its way to the PlayStation 5, or if this is just anticipation. But until it’s confirmed on any side, be it Bethesda, Sony, or Microsoft, it should still be treated as speculation at best. The Elder Scrolls VI isn’t coming out any time soon; even though the title was announced in 2018, it has yet to see any definitive release date.

    Denny Oommachan
    Denny Oommachan
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