Is J.K Rowling Rich Than Queen Of England? Yes She Is Currently One Of The Wealthiest Authors In The World

J.K.Rowling creator of Harry Potter who was a single mother earning $70 a week ten years ago, Is now richer than the Queen, as per the Sunday Times Rich List. Scroll Down to know about her success. 

The creator of Harry Potter who penned her first children’s book in an Edinburgh cafe with her baby beside her is now worth $280 million. The Harry Potter books were not only sold a million copies but also turned into a successful film series. 

Rowling’s fortune has rolled out in the past two years, the 45-year-old first entered the rich list in 2001, with a personal wealth of $65m. By last year she had earned about $226 million. 

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Her success over the past six years places her at 122 in the overall rich list, with the Queen being at 133 and worth $250m-$30$m less than Rowling. She was also ranked by Forbes as the highest-paid novelist in the world in 2017 and also the third highest-paid celebrity. 

A first edition copy of Harry Potter
A first edition copy of Harry Potter

Rowling, who is known to be private when it comes to sharing financial details, had denied being a billionaire. 

Since her Harry Potter journey started in 1997, where 500 million copies of Harry Potter books have been sold globally. Moreover, the last series in the book, Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows, broke a record of being the fastest sale among the fiction book of all time. 

tom felton in harry potter

As per New York Time’s estimate, the Harry Potter novels have racked in atleast $ 7.7billion, and if Rowling could have taken a 15% royalty cut then she could earn a profit of atleast $1.15 billion, and that before accounting for the movie series which have grossed $ 7.7 billion.

J.K Rowling Net Worth Right Now

J.K Rowling
J.K Rowling

Estimating the Revealing Charm, its discovered that Rowling’s true net worth could be in billion dollars, not pounds. The 2020 Sunday Times Rich List put J.K Rowling’s net worth at $795 million, which just over $ 1 billion USD. So as to assume she has more money than Stephen Kings having a net estimated $400 million; Danielle Steel comes at $385 million, and John Grisham is worth an estimated $ 350 million. Hence basically, Rowling is the richest author at the moment and also the first author in the world to hit the $ 1 billion mark.

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