Is ‘The Society’ Season 2 cancelled? Yes or No?More recent updates revealed!

An unfortunate news about ‘The Society’ season 2 has been hovering around the air for the past couple of days. The most recent updates came up with the report regarding the cancellation of season 2 of the Netflix teenage drama series ‘The Society’. But why did the series get shelved after its first season? What are the reasons for its unexpected call off? The ‘Society’ fans seem to be freaked at the mounting rumors of season 2 getting cancelled.

With its baffling, nail biting plot line the teenage mysterious drama series which was released on Netflix on May 10th 2020, ‘The Society’ had garnered a massive audience worldwide. Though the show creators had affirmed the restoration of the second season directly in the period of July, a year ago and shooting of was booked to be begun in March 2020 in Boston the crew had to call off the production.

The Society Season 2 Spoiler alert
The Society Season 2 Spoiler alert

The Society:Will there be a Season 2?

As per the latest updates, the overall flare-up of Covid has put a halt to the production of the series and this has made it difficult for the crew to conjecture about the delivery date of season 2. Other than this reason,there do exist some ongoing gossipy tidbits that Netflix has declared to proceed with the creation of one of its arrangements which was booked to be done in March. But even this possibility was slayed off when Netflix officially announced the decision to cancel the second season.

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“We made the tough decision not to press forward with the company’s second season and I’m not OK. We are pleased that the conditions created by COVID have meant that they have to make these decisions.” Netflix has given this comment.

In a recent interview, the creator of the show Christopher Keyser reflected upon the possible journey of season 2 if it would have happened.

“This season deals a lot with men versus women, and it deals only briefly with race, but I think you can expect that conversation about class and race to keep coming up,” Keyser said in an interview. “All these things need to be relitigated in a world in which there are no givens. We hope, over time, and if we’re lucky enough to get a season 2, to explore all the social contract questions that we take for granted.”

However,it seems that there does exist a glimmer of hope for the ‘Society’ fans According to the recent reports it is said that if the situation goes well and everything would be under control then Netflix may consider bringing back some of the series they had to cut during the crisis.

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