Israel will take a very heavy price from Hamas: Benjamin Netanyahu

The Prime Minister’s post energized the struggle of the People of Israel, who are looking forward to the whole world.

The post is a slap in the head of Hamas, the Muslim terrorists who have come out in a shroud to disturb the peace of mind of the world’s people through terrorism.

Over the past days, Hamas has sent more than 1,700 missiles among the Israeli people.

Israel, which has defended them with the advanced technology of the Iron Dome. The Prime Minister’s move is good news for people who sat down thinking they would reply to Hamas.

Some of the missiles that broke through the Iron Dome defense cordon have caused many deaths and damage losses in Israel.

Israel doesn’t need much time to clean Gaza, but Israel’s method is to fight back with 100 percent accuracy targeting only terrorist camps.

Israel’s beloved Prime Minister Netanyahu says there is a limit to forgiveness and it is time to fight back hard.

To his words

“ I said we will take a very heavy price from Hamas. We are doing it and we will continue to do it with great power. The last word has not been said and this operation will continue as long as it takes. “

The nations of the world are looking forward to what Israel is gifting to Hamas.

Millions of people have been actively responding on social media in support of Israel, as never before.

International political observers regard this as evidence that the people of the world like the little country of Israel.

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