Issa Rae’s SNL : Fun in the time of polls

Comedian Issa Rae as the host for the latest Saturday Night Live was embellished with some hilarious moments. Known for her appearance in the comedy drama series”Insecure”, her role as a lawyer for the NAACP in the backdrop of the upcoming presidential elections created a hue and cry among the viewers.

Watch Issa’s Stunning Performance in SNL

Though this was her debut hosting, she conquered hearts. Her stage presence and skilful humour made the audience to forego the election fatigue for a few moments. She showcased a skit along with a monologue which turned out to be highly successful. The satirical commentary on the presidential candidates in the skit made the viewers to laugh their hearts out. The segment on President Donald Trump seemed to be fabulous.

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Also her monologue was artistically planned decorated with witty remarks about industry racism which served both as a humour and an eye opener. Her exclamation that she “might throw up, I’m gotta hold it down because I’m the first Black person to host SNL” horripilated the black audience.

Issa Rae SNL
Issa Rae SNL

She also delighted the crowd with satirical picturisation of a wide variety of topics that require attention in the current political scenario of the State. The show enlightened with the “Rae light” thus created a history in the lives of blacks.

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