Jaden Smith to star in “The Solution Committee”, Snapchat original series

A “Jaden Smith” show helmed by Westbrook Media and Snap Inc., a show to give awareness to the youth to feel empowered and ready to vote. 

With the 2020 presidential election drawing closer, Jaden is there to provide awareness among youth of the changes regarding racial and social justice issues in his upcoming Snap Original series “ The Solution Committee.”

The unscripted series will offer its viewers a real picture of the present scenario of injustice faced by our society and the young activists fighting to dismantle a political system. This is the first time Jaden has used his platform for engaging and educating others.

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But his passion for creating a better world is not for the first time prior to this he was active in helping in finding a solution for the ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan, providing a water-filtration system for the city.


Jaden Smith “The Solution Committee” theme

Later, in a talk with TEAM VOGUE, Jaden,21, had expressed a desire to make more young people get involved in politics and activism, saying “ My goal is to motivate as many as I can become solution-based activists. The goal is to become experts in not just the issues we face, but around the solutions we have in our hands… I want my generation and the next one to understand that the private and public sectors are both needed to solve big issues. We need to put pressure on both by voting- with our dollar and the ballot. Vote, vote, vote, vote!”

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The Solution Committee will be comprised of eight episodes, Smith will work with some of the best young minds who are focused on addressing the racial and social justice issues, and also team up with his close including Hailey Bieber, Common, Willow Smith, Robinson, and more to find a real solution to some of the daunting problems of racism and inequality in America. 

Jaden Smith
Jaden Smith

The Solution Committee premiers on Monday, Sep 21, 2020, exclusively on Snapchat, ahead of National Voter Registration Day September 22.

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