James Gunn is putting up the Dog he rescued for Adoption

James Gunn is popular for his direction of “Guardians of Galaxy”, and when it comes to the matter of pets, especially dogs, James Gunn becomes a pet loving human all of a sudden. In February, he even halted the production of his upcoming movie “The Suicide Squad 2” to flew home to be with his best friend and pet dog Wesley Von Spears.

Watch: The Story of a Dog rescued for Adoption

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn is putting another dog he rescued on the set of Suicide Squad for Adoption. He posted on Twitter and Instagram informing the people of Panama of the adoption offer. Gunn helped rescue the dog on the set of The Suicide Squad in Atlanta. 

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“For my dear friends in Panama! The dog I helped rescue on the set of The Suicide Squad, Atlanta, is ready to be adopted. She is such a sweet tender girl with such soulful loving eyes – if you’re looking for a companion filled with gratitude, vigor, playfulness, and love, Atlanta is the pup for you. Contact the great folks over at @fundacionrescatistaskc3 for more information!” Gunn wrote on Instagram along with a picture of the dog he is putting up for adoption.


His late pet dog, Wesley Von Spears was also a dog he rescued 17 years ago. He found Wesley roaming the streets in Carson City, California.

Many fans commented on his post for his kind heart towards the pets. “

James Gunn is putting the Dog he rescued for Adoption
James Gunn is putting the Dog he rescued for Adoption

Thank you for helping our dogs that live on the streets of Panama. greetings from PTY.”, “That’s wonderful! So many of my friends have adopted rescue pets and say it’s the best decision they’ve ever made”

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