Jed Wyatt gets roasted by Tyler Cameron and Jed unfollows him

Trolls and firing go extreme as Tyler Cameron goes hard at Jed Wyatt on the entire show The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart. Twitter was in full force as Tyler never stopped his tweetstorm against Jed, which led him to unfollow.

The new show went at a state of casting Trever Holmes, who looked precisely like Jed. The show tried to create a clone by making Trevor put on Jed’s signature jacket, which increased the aggression in Tyler, who was the runner up to Jed on Hanna’s Season.

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“They should give Jed creative producer because he is definitely the creative idea of this show,” tweeted Tyler. The LTYH fans tweeted on this resemblance and gave a negative response to this idea.

Jed, who was watching all these tweets, responded to one of Tyler’s with a smiling GIF. Garett Powell, the former contestant, liked all his tweets, and his time in the live premiere was getting into tweet fights.

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The fans claim Jed quickly unfollowed Tyler. Jed after the premiere tweets in a humorous way, making it feel he has hilariously taken tweets. ” Something’s about this new show feels familiar. Maybe it’s Trevor’s jacket, maybe it’s all the guitars. Stay Tuned.”

Hannah Brown Is Single
Hannah Brown Is Single

Anyways, the drama and all the humorous events happening on and off-screen are making it super exciting for the LTYH fans. Stay Tuned.

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