Jennifer Lopez’s special ingredient to glowing, hydrated skin is no longer a secret!

Beauty is highly subjective when it comes to skin care routines. But if you have some connoisseur to guide you, somebody who has proved their expertise in the field of ‘beauty care’, it would be well and good. Here’s Jennifer Lopez, who has recently created waves with her brand new look for the inauguration in DC, has made it out to her fans, the secret tip behind her glowing skin!

Getting your skin to glow and remain hydrated is a dream of every women folk, irrespective of their age, nationality or race. Jennifer Lopez, commonly addressed as J. Lo, with her ever glowing, nourished looks, has always left her fans amazed and curious. After all, what is that special beauty tip that makes J.Lo look hydrated 24/7, even at her early 50s? This has been a constantly asked and pondered question not only among her fans but also the entire women community around the globe.

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Well, the question is finally answered straight from the horse’s mouth, by the great J.Lo herself. Recently, the star took to her official Twitter account revealing that special ingredient behind her glowing, hydrated skin. It is none other than the ‘J.Lo Glow Multitasking Serum,’ one of the most highly recommended products from J.Lo beauty kit.

J.Lo’s Twitter post about her glowing skin

‘Beauty has no Expiration Date,’ says J.Lo!

In relation to the ‘self care Sunday’ routine, the American actress cum singer shared her secret tip towards achieving the everlasting glow and nourishment for your skin. Holding the serum, wearing a casual off-white t-shirt with her hair tightened to a high bun model, the actress looked stunningly gorgeous as always.

Jennifer Lopez surprises fans
Jennifer Lopez surprises fans

Recently, the new album by Jennifer Lopez with Ryan Tedder has been at the center of media which is eagerly anticipated by the fans of both these fabulous singers! Fingers crossed!

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