Jessica Simpson flaunts her sexy looks with her hubby in skinny jeans following her 100-pound weight loss

After a pounds of weight loss, 40- year-old Jessica Simpson flaunts in skinny jeans her hottest body ever at the age of 40, the attire she wore in her 20’s. She says it left her in shock that they fit once again. 

“With You” singer Jessica Simpson, 40, showed that even after to have three children and weight gain she could make her self still fit into a pair of skinny jeans that she wore in her 20’s could do it again, after going through a closet cleanup during the quarantine.

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The “Sweet Kisses” star shared with Instagram a photo celebrating her beloved husband Eric Johnson’s 41st birthday. Her legs looked so sexy slim and trim.

The mom of three captioned on Instagram “ Thank God ERIC JOHNSON was born this day 41 yrs ago! Happy Birthday hubba hubba hubby of mine!!!”

“ Oh, how I love you!!! When I was in my mommy’s belly God formed me and placed you in my heart. It took me 29 yrs to discover my soulmate and colliding with your heart was our spiritual destiny,” Jessica poured in. 

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Later Jess even shared a pic of herself slipping into 14-year-old True Religion jeans on the eve of her birthday

“ I was in complete shock, It was a good 40th birthday present. I’ve tried to pull those things over my hips so many times. I just thought my hips, from having babies, would never go back, but the jeans went up.”

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson

She and her husband Eric Johnson are parents to three, daughters Maxwell 8, Birdie Mae,1 and son Ace,7.

Jessica is always open about sharing weight loss journey with fans, by sharing her memoirs in social media and with her Open Book a mesmerizing record of the facts and problems that she acknowledges, “ There is always a lot of people at my house.” “ I am open about my insecurities and my flaws, and if I can help inspire anybody to feel better about themselves, that’s why I’m here.”

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