Jim Carrey writes to his fan Jessy Easton

Jim Carrey, Canadian-American actor and author wrote on Twitter explaining his gratitude to one of his fans. A fan wrote on Twitter, how much Jim Carrey’s character helped her during her childhood trauma. Jim explained his deepest honour to be part of her survival through her hardships. 

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Jim wrote on Twitter “It warms me in the deepest place of my heart to know that my presence and my work/fun have helped you endure such painful and difficult challenges Jessy. I wish you so much, love. Pain gives birth to compassionate souls.” 

Jim Carrey wrote on Twitter

Jessy Easton, a fan and reader of Jim’s novel “Memoirs and Misinformation” wrote on Instagram on Wednesday wrote her excitement to be noticed by Jim Carrey on Twitter.

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She said it was Jim’s characters from her childhood movies which gave her the strength to overcome her bad childhood. Jim’s characters from the movies helped her to get through lonely nights, Jessy said.

“When your childhood (& adulthood) hero retweets you—cue exploding. When Dad was cooking meth in our home & Mom was in prison & I was so fucking scared, it was Jim Carrey who got me thru my lonely nights of insomnia. I’d watch his films & feel like I had a friend in the world.” she wrote.

Jim Carrey writes to his fan Jessy Easton
Jim Carrey writes to his fan Jessy Easton

Prior to this post, Jessy Easton shared her experience with the novel “Memoirs and Misinformation” co-authored by Jim and Dana Vachon. She said the novel “was everything” she needed it to be.

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