Jio Rockers

Jio Rockers is a pirated content provided and torrent website. A website that operates under various URLs and domains globally. The booming demand for streaming sites is the reason for the high contribution to the growth of such torrent sites. 

Watching movies online is a convenient and frugal way to see the movies you love right from the comfort of your own home. Hence there is a demand for online streaming sites which comes with a crucial drawback  ‘Piracy’ one of the biggest downfalls in the entertainment industry.

The internet world is engulfed with illegal websites that promote piracy and offer content of movies, shows, and series through which the entertainment industry earns. The actual number of tickets been sold globally has plummeted, putting the movie makers and theatre owners in a problem.

A user without knowing the consequences hidden behind accessing these sites by stealing their financial and personal data. Such piracy hosting websites is Jio Rockers, an illegal platform for movie streaming.

About Jio Rockers

Jio Rockers is a notorious piracy promoting website. The illegal website provides many pirated movies and series to netizens for free illegally. A website that is accessed by users globally for its illicit content. Jio Rockers are experts to download Hollywood movies and to watch Hollywood movies online. 

History of Jio Rockers 

Jio rockers were created at the start of 2017 in India to provide a form for its users to watch all the new films. The site all sacked with thousands of movies including Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi dubbed English movies. It reports about 100K users in a single month according to ahrefs study. 

Though there is theatre, OTT Platforms to watch the movie the illegal website often leaks new movies, web series on its website.

What are the movies leaked by Jio Rocker in 2020?

As per the Copyright laws, the copyright owner is the only one reserved for exclusive rights and the sole owner of the film produced by him. Hence, websites like Jio Rocker from the profit point of view leak recently released videos without the owner’s authorization, putting him to face a considerable loss. Find below the list of movies leaked-



Kavalthural Ungal Nanban 


Meka Suri



Illegal Alternatives and Licensed Media Platforms For Streaming Movies

Online streaming sites have sprung up in the recent past. Here the central fact lies in the sources we choose the content. We can find both licensed and illegitimate illegal websites like Jio Rockers, which arouse security issues in streaming. 

Hence we have grouped a list of both legal and illegal websites for your information and awareness. 

FAQ’s asked about Jio Rockers 2020?

Is the Jio Rockers website secure to download the film?

As detailed above, the website offers movies, TV shows, and other content free of charge but not legally. They stream pirated movies or stolen media. Hence, sites like JIo Rockers often unscrupulous sell personal data, and email to prevent a conceivable hack is better to away form such websites. 

Do Jio Rockers have a good quality screen to watch?

Websites like JIo Rockers provide B rate content with a cam quality. The video quality drifts to take second fiddle. The original condition may not hold in pilfered copies of the film since the paths lead to a loss of quality due to compression. 


Piracy is a punishable offense under the copyright act 1957, Universal news strongly opposes any form of infringement act. We neither promote it. This article aims to inform our users to know about piracy and to create an awareness of the prone risks behind illegal websites.

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