Jodie Sweetin posts an image taken just before the Truck plowed the crowd

Jodie Sweetin
Jodie Sweetin

American actress Jodie Sweetin posted a sensible image on Instagram. The image shows the protest of people demanding justice for Black. The actress says the image was taken a few minutes before a truck plowed into the crowd.

The actress shared the image captioning it as “Thank you @bellikemike for this amazing photo from last night. It was taken not long before the truck plowed through our crowd, and then a Prius came about 25 min later, at a separate location and did the same thing. The white supremacists are not taking kindly to our presence. But we refused to stop. We stay together. We stay tight. We do this every night. And these dear friends in the picture with me are some of the strongest women I know.”

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The pickup truck accelerated and plowed through a group of protesters marching in Buffalo Wednesday night, injuring at least one person who was on a bicycle. Officials reported that the person was transported to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, and the truck driver is reportedly in custody.

The protest by people and celebrities demanding Justice for Breonna Taylor and Black lives matter continues and it’s getting more powerful as days pass. Expecting the authorities will recheck their decisions.