Joe Biden At Odds With Trump Presidency

“We can’t take four more years of Donald Trump”. Joe Biden tweeted against the trump presidency today. Hundreds of people supported his statement with their comments at the post. The 77-year-old Biden is the democratic candidate of 2020 November united states presidential election. Last week he invited Kamala harris as the vice-presidential candidate of the democratic party which she accepted later that week and started campaigning together.

Joe Biden Tweeted About Trump Presidency: Watch

Trump has recently refused to implement a federal test & trace program, support Pelosi’s bill to stop evictions & feed families, send money to states—red & blue—so schools can reopen safely & teachers, firefighters, & other essential workers can keep their jobs which raised the wide protest against his presidency in America.

Along with that, several people questioned the upcoming presidency of Joe Biden. “Joe honestly, you seem like a nice guy and I take you at your word for wanting unity and an America where we collaborate and respectfully disagree. However, the rest of your party displayed their wicked partisanship this week. I can’t take 4 more days of Donald Trump. Congratulations on the fundraising this month…really incredible. Everyone be sure to make one more donation to Joe if you can by the end of the month. Let’s break a record together!”

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Joe Biden was accused also mentioned child abuse in the comments. Along with the native Americans, there are hundreds of people around the globe retweeted against Donald trump presidency later today. “ it seems prudent to have house Representative aids monitoring postal facilities in blue districts in swing states. WP showed it was blue district sorting centres where the machines were removed. We must be proactive or trump will steal the election.”

Trump and Biden
Trump and Biden

Some people aren’t impressed by the action of both parties ”Is it just me or has anybody else noticed that the United States democracy has been hijacked by two ineffective political parties? You all know you have more choices than this, right?” comment under the Joe Biden Tweet.

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