Joe Biden On Advancing Racial Equity Across United States

Apart from the 100 days to the presidential election in the united states, the democratic party candidate Joe Biden announced his economic development plan today after his tweet. 

Watch: Joe Biden signing Racial Equity

His proposition points towards two major crises of the united states. The black Americans and the COVID 19 crisis. He also pivots and promises a resilient, strong, and inclusive economy throughout his campaign and later he added this to his blog. The economic crisis brought by the covid 19 pandemics had made a backlash in the middle-class black and brown communities of the united states. Black unemployment has shot up to 15.4 percentage whereas Latino unemployment goes to 14.5% according to a recent survey.

According to his blog, he made the following statements

  1. Spur Public-Private Investment through a New Small Business Opportunity Plan
  2. Reform Opportunity Zones to Fulfill Their Promise
  3. Make a Historic Commitment to Equalizing Federal Procurement
  4. Ensure His Housing Plan Makes Bold Investments in Homeownership and Access to Affordable Housing for Black, Brown, and Native Families
  5. Achieve Equity in Management, Training, and Higher Education Opportunities Connected to the Jobs of the Future
  6. Boost Retirement Security and Financial Wealth for Black, Brown, and Native Families
  7. Ensure Workers of Color Are Compensated Fairly and Treated With Dignity

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  1. Ensure Equity in Biden’s Bold Infrastructure and Clean Energy Investments
  2. Support Second Chances for Economic Success
  3. Strengthen the Federal Reserve’s Focus on Racial Economic Gaps
  4. Promote Diversity and Accountability in Leadership Across Key Positions in All Federal Agencies
  5. Build a 21st Century Care Infrastructure
  6. Address Longstanding Inequities in Agriculture

He also addressed the ongoing issues on the racial discrimination and commented

Joe Biden as Democratic Party Nominee
Joe Biden as Democratic Party Nominee

“As President, Biden will advance a pathway for redemption and re-entry — and make real the possibility of second chances for all Americans — by helping states modernize their criminal justice data infrastructure and adopt automated record sealing for selected categories of non-violent offenses, to modernize their criminal justice data infrastructure”.

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