Joe Biden appreciates the emergency responders during the Hurricane Laura

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden showed his gratitude towards the emergency responders during the Hurricane Laura. Louisiana is struck by Hurricane Laura, which as one of the most powerful storms in US history. 6 people have been killed in Louisiana which includes a 14-year-old girl and a 68-year-old man.

Biden posted a tweet thanking the emergency responders who are working around the clock to help people to face the Hurricane. “Times of crisis often brings out the best as Americas– and we’re seeing that right now in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura. Thank you to all of our emergency responders who are working around the clock to help people get back on their feet” he wrote on Twitter.

Hurricane Laura

The Hurricane uprooted trees and flattened buildings across its path. Four people were crushed to death in different incidents of trees falling on trees.

A chemical plant was caught on fire when hit by Laura, and the flames send out a chlorine-infused plume of smoke skyward nearly 24 hours after landfall.

Hurricane Laura
Hurricane Laura

The mayhem was low compared to the forecasts predicted. The officials said it would take days to assess the damage caused by Hurricane Laura. Thursday afternoon more than 867,000 buildings including homes and businesses in Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas remained without power.

The NHC said Laura’s eye has crossed into South Arkansas late Thursday afternoon and was heading to the northeast at 15 mph. The storm could dump 7 inches of rain on portions of Arkansas.

Many Twitter users came out appreciating Biden for his concern over the disaster. And some others suggested he visit the affected area and to show support in their suffering.

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