Joe Biden Tweeted About Optimistic Values Of Kamala Harris: After Their First Interview

US presidential candidate of the democratic party joe Biden tweeted about Vice President candidate of the democratic party Kamala Harris later today. Soon after expressing his choice concerning Kamala Harris as his VP in 2020 presidential election.

Joe Biden & Kamala On ‘audacity’ Of Partnering & Their ‘modern Family’ Values

“When it comes down to it, Kamala and Doug share the same basic values set that Jill and I do — and it all starts with family. It’s at the very core of who we are. And it’s why I’m confident they’re the best possible partners for the road ahead.”- Joe Biden tweeted.

In the thick of the final months of the presidential campaign — Joe Biden, 77, will accept the Democratic nomination on Thursday — him picking Harris drew the usual scrutiny. The left faulted her as soft on police misconduct; conservatives called her “radical.” She was perhaps the toughest on the former vice president when she ran against him in the Democratic primary last year, including challenging his record on busing in the ‘70s.

“It’s really, really, really important to have someone [like Harris on the ticket] with this intellectual capacity, educational background, backbone, and stature,” he says. “It’s going to change a lot.”

Biden chooses Kamala Harris
Biden chooses Kamala Harris

Harris knows well that breaking barriers can be painful. Like former President Barack Obama before her, she has already faced baseless, racist theories about her eligibility to be in the White House, promoted by President Donald Trump himself. “I expect they will engage in dirty tactics and this is going to be a knockdown drag-out,” Harris told The Grio in response. “And we’re ready.”

“That’s one of the things we have in common,” Harris says. “My children don’t call me stepmom, they call me Momala. We’re a very modern family. Their mom is a close friend of mine. … Joe and I have a similar feeling that really is how we approach leadership: family in every version that it comes.” Harris said in the interview. 

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