Joe Biden Tweets On Devastating US Economy

US 2020 president election candidate Joe Biden tweeted about his concerns and hopes about the currently declining US economy later today. He expressed his plans to rebuild the economy not only for the rich and affluent but also for the laymen of the USA.

Joe Biden Raising Concerns About Economy Frequently

He tweeted, “The hard truth is that our economy wasn’t working for folks long before this crisis. It’s why we can’t just go back to the way things were — we have to build back better. We’ve got to create an economy that works for everyone — not just the wealthy and well-connected.” Biden proposed a deliberate economy plan which is intentional and envisioned based on an inclusive economy by advancing racial equity. According to the article he published in his blog, he claims the foresaw of multiple economic growths under his presidency.

“Joe Biden, you’re the wealthy. You’ve been in politics your whole life and you’re rich for it. Is that okay? At least Mr. President worked for his riches.” one said in response to his tweet.

Following the publishing of the economic plans, he faced a huge backlash from social media from the republican admirers and defenders. Two days later he made the infamous speech differentiating Latin American and African American communities, which later he apologized on Twitter after the fuss emerged among people. During the span of increased hate crimes against black Americans, the statement he made was on a vulnerable topic.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

“I agree Joe Biden but let folks know how your going to do that. Go on CNN, put Kamala on MSNBC, we need to c u all more often, MSNBC needs to stop talking about Trump’s bad _ hit & start talking about what u & Harris r going to do” one responded.

“Liar! The economy sure was working for me and many others! Best employment numbers in the country’s history! You could never get the results Trump has, and he will do it again!” another person retweeted with this response.

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