Joe Biden’s Golf Tweet About Trump Receives Hilarious Responses

Joe Biden Tweeted About Trump’s Promises Today

Later today Joe Biden tweeted about American president Donald Trump, and his administration as “We have a president more interested in beating people at golf than beating COVID-19”.

Popular responses to Joe Biden tweet ,

  1. “He also “promised” he wouldn’t golf once he became president.  Not only does he golf more than any president in history, but he does it at the tax payers expense while his company and country clubs take in the money”
  1. How many times has he golfed exactly and who keeps this dumb stat? Did all Presidents even like golfing. Start at the first question…pictures will help of each time he was there too. We don’t just want to be making this stuff up do we now.
  1. The golf thing is really getting old.  Don’t you have another point ?

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  1. Sure, he’s lied over 20,000 times. He completely mishandling the Covid-19 virus & still is, which has screwed the entire nation. He stokes fear & hatred while there’s chaos on his watch. He constantly embarrasses the US on the world stage. Want more points?
  1. Funny coming from the guy who couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag let alone lead this nation
  1. Y’all are obsessed with our Presidents golf game. This man works from sunup to sundown and runs our free world. For his own sanity let the man golf! God forbid we allow him a moment of peace.
Joe Biden
Joe Biden
  1.’re working your tweet crew too hard. They’re running out of material. Maybe you could actually give them something coherent to work with..Just kidding..we know you have no idea where you are right now but someone will tell you when they bring your pudding and bib later.

Trump faced numerous backlashes regarding the mishandling of the COVID 19 crisis. The political observers around the world are expecting the impact in the 2020 elections. Joe Biden is the democratic candidate for the 2020 elections.

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