Nobel Prize Laureate John Hume Died At 83

John Hume, the Former Irish politician and Nobel prize Laureate for peace in 1998 along with David Trimble, passed away at 83, due to elderly diseases.  

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He was the second leader for social democratic and labour party. from 1979 to 2001. The famous good Friday agreement between Great Britain and Northern Ireland was a milestone in his political career. During the 1974 government he also served as the minister of commerce He stood for both man and woman and hoped for the world where everyone could live with their ideals. Hume an ambassador of non-violence and he fought for the civil rights movement when Britan militants shot 14 people in London.

Throughout the speeches and his life, he promoted the need for peace and expressed his disagreement towards violence across the world. An MP for 22 years and an MEP for 25 years, John Hume cofounded the SDLP and lead the moderate nationalist party for more than two decades. He towered as an anglo Irish figure in the Irish politics of the 20th  century. Bill Clinton, the former American president and the close friend of John Hume, called him the Martin Luther King of northern Ireland. The long-life works of John Hume after the long history of bloodshed in Ireland brought peace and harmony inside the country.  

Bill Clinton And John Hume
Bill Clinton And John Hume

Hume believed that the root cause of the problems violence in a state is not divided country but divided people. He tried to heal that fissure through dialogues and agreements. 

Tony Blair, Former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Executive Chairman of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, said on the press release, “John Hume was a remarkable combination of an open mind to the world and practical politics. In any place, at any party, anywhere, he would have stood tall.

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It was good fortune that he was born on the island of Ireland. I was fortunate to work with John on the Good Friday Agreement and get to know him years before.

John Hume
John Hume

He influenced my politics in many ways, but his belief in working through differences to find compromise will stay with me forever. My thoughts are with Pat and the rest of his family. He will be greatly missed.”

A leader who always fought for his people, equality, and respect despite land and money became a memory. 

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