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    Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong Supports the calls to Boycott Disney’s Mulan

    Pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong, Korea and Thailand are calling for a boycott of the film, Mulan, which was recently retreated from release due to COVID 19.  The protest to boycott the after the leading actress in the movie made controversial comments expressing her support for the Hong Kong police. 

    Joshua Wong Supports the calls to Boycott Disney’s Mulan: Watch

    Joshua Wong, 23-year-old Hong Kong student activist and politician wrote several posts on Twitter calling for the boycott of Mulan. He recently wrote that Hong Kongers are disapproving of the “Cop Backer Liu Yifei” and “Blackface Donnie Yen”. He calls the statements from Liu Yifei supporting the brutality of Hong Kong police the reason for the call to boycott the movie. “Hong Kongers disapprove of Cop Backer Yifei and Blackface Donnie Yen. That’s why we are calling for freedom-loving peoples everywhere to Boycott Mulan” he wrote on Twitter.

    In another tweet, Wong wrote that Liu Yifei supports authoritarian violence against pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. By linking Liu’s official Twitter profile, he wrote “She supports authoritarian violence against pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong”. 

    Yesterday, Joshua Wong wrote against Donnie Yen too. He said similar to Liu, Donnie Yen too is an authoritarian and an admirer of the Hong Kong police. He wrote “…Donnie Yen, another outspoken admirer of the Hong Kong police. I urge everyone who believes in racial justice to Boycott Mulan”

    Many commented to his posts supporting the calls for the boycott of the film. “We have to boycott Mulan because the actress represents violence to our people, we cannot tolerate that.” one of them said. 


    Just as many commented in support of the boycott, many others said it is not reasonable to boycott a movie which is the result of so many people.

    Walt Disney Pictures’ live-action movie Mulan, which got premiered on Disney Plus instead of theaters, directed by Niki Caro and produced by Chris Bender, Tendo Nagenda, Jason T. Reed and Jake Weiner was released on September 4 this year through Disney+. The film received positive reviews for its action sequences, visuals, and performances while it got criticised for the screenplay.

    Sajjadh Muhammed
    Sajjadh Muhammed
    Sajjadh Muhammed is a Graduate in Journalism with an excellent taste for online stories and Visual Media content.

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