Justin Bieber shares his Belief in Jesus Christ

World renowned singer Justin Bieber shares his belief in Jesus Christ through his Instagram.

Bieber says “Jesus Christ is the saviour of humanity”. Justin says he was reminded of this when he watched the church online. The singer says that Jesus is that he doesn’t pick political sides, Jesus is above it all!. “Jesus cannot fit into your political box. Jesus is king of kings, president of all presidents and he will reign forever. He is a perfect, loving, nurturing father that is obsessed with you and I!” the singer wrote.

Watch Bieber Speaking about Jesus Christ

 “We are dealing with a publicity crisis!!. So many horrible things done in the name of religion and Jesus..” he added in his Instagram post. The Canadian singer had also shared his belief in Jesus on many occasions.


Recently in an interview with Apple Music, Justin Bieber boldly shared his faith in Jesus and talked about how Jesus rescued him from a dark place that he was once in.

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“Jesus wasn’t this religious elite guy, but He was in the dirt. And He found me in my dirt, and pulled me out.” Justin shared. The singer had talked about his faith in multiple interviews and has even opened up about his struggle with drugs and how the love of Jesus led him out of it.


Earlier the Pop superstar had written a message of thanks to Jesus Christ for making him “loved, chosen, and forgiven” despite his years of indiscretions, and urged his millions of followers and fans to join him in embracing Christianity. Bieber has said Jesus as an inspiration in his life, helping him to overcome his past use of drugs and broken relationships.

Justin’s recent release “Holy” is getting good response from the public. The singer also shared an update on this at Instagram describing it as “#Holy out now and #1 in the world. Thank you. Thank you to my friend @kirkfranklin for the choir at the end. Happy Sunday”.

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