Karen Fukuhara posts Alternate Ending to Season 2 of ‘The Boys’

The Boys Season 2 with a new version of Kimiko, Maeve, and Starlight. The Show with the name “The Boys” definitely showed the strength of the girls. Beating down Stormfront was clearly a sight to the eyes. Though the season ended with Maeve, Kimiko and Starlight beat Stormfront; the actress playing the role of the silent supe Kimiko, Karen Fukuhara, gave out an alternate ending to the season.

‘The Boys’ Alternate Season Ending: Watch what the Cast has to say

Karen posted both her and Aya Cash, who played the role ‘Stormfront’ in the series, starting to kiss. Karen posting the picture then wrote ‘Swipe right to see an alternate ending to Season 2 💁🏻‍♀️ Doing a Q&A with the talented Aya Cash so comment below with your questions!”.

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Kimiko and Stormfront duo would definitely change the course of the show.

Yah! Definitely Bad. The season in fact ended with Nazi racist Stormfront burned and losing limbs was a real charm.

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