Kate Beckinsale Shut the mouths of criticizers regarding her boyfriend’s Age

Kate Beckinsale proceeds for reply to adverse criticisms from social network users about the age gap with the boyfriend, 22-year-old musician Goody Grace.

Watch: Kate Beckinsale and Goody Grace’s Comment

Kate Beckinsale 46, is an English actress. After some minor television roles, her film debut was ‘Much Ado’ About Nothing’ while a student at the ‘University of Oxford.’ Beckinsale became known as an action star after playing a vampire in 2003’s Underworld.

The film was markedly different from her previous work, and Beckinsale has said she was grateful for the change of pace after appearing in “a bunch of period stuff and then a bunch of romantic comedies.”

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Goody Grace is a Canadian singer and songwriter from Selkirk, Manitoba. He first took up music when he was four years old, later finding an audience as a teenager with covers of artists like the Weeknd and Taylor Swift.


Kate Beckinsale lockdown with boyfriend Goody Grace amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. The 46-year-old was first connected to Goody Grace, 23, in April this year, and since then, romance has been going on.

Troll and Reply

One of the Users commented, “why is she dating guys who could be her children?”

Kate Beckinsale and Goody Grace
Kate Beckinsale and Goody Grace

Kate clap back and replied, “All my relationships were only to annoy you.” For several users following the post, this was a Pin drop second. 21-year-old daughter of Kate, responded: “Every relationship I have had has been solely to annoy you.”

The couple first spotted out in public together in April, but their love for each other by holding hands almost the entire time.

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