Kate Hudson says there is a Destructive side to Facebook

Kate Hudson says there is a Destructive side to Facebook
Kate Hudson says there is a Destructive side to Facebook

Kate Hudson is taking no turn away from boycotting Facebook.

American actress Kate Hudson is popular for her role in “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” posted on Instagram writing in support of the “Stop Hate for Profit”. The campaign is gaining a wide range of popularity since many celebrities posted on social media. Many celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr., Viola Davis and others posted in support for the “Stop Hate for Profit”. 

Kate Hudson wrote on Instagram “First I’d like to say, I have Instagram and enjoy connecting with people through the platform. Second, if many businesses (including my own) didn’t have access to the paid advertising options available through Facebook / Instagram their businesses would suffer. We would have to let people go and add to the existing job instability in America; Facebook is that powerful. Thousands and thousands of jobs depend on this platform.”

“Unfortunately, there is a destructive side to Facebook. They use their algorithm to push persuasions of violence, racist hate speech and disinformation that threatens our democracy.”

“Facebook knows this algorithm creates divisiveness and rigid thinking in individuals. This is deeply disturbing. They are not prioritizing putting a stop to this. instead , they prioritize profit over people.”

“Facebook is by far the largest purveyor of information and news and yet it is not held to the same standards as your average news network. Most of us would expect an organization with that kind of power to have some level of integrity when it comes to the information that it disseminates.”

“Mark Zuckerberg’s position is freedom of speech. If that were true, he would get rid of his for-profit monstrous money-making algorithm and be a real freedom fighter. BUT since we know that won’t happen, my hope is they will start to hold themselves accountable and stop profiting from hate.”

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Several advocacy groups under the “Stop Hate for Profit” campaign organized many boycotts on Facebook, one of which was the “2020 Facebook ad boycotts” took place during the month of July this year. Recently Kate Hudson also posted that the campaign has already made 1 Billion registers till now.