Katie Price Workout in Park with Dreamboys Trainer

Katie Price proved her friendship with Al Warrell was still going strong as the pair enjoyed an energetic exercise session in the park during a break from lock down. Katie Price former glamour model, 41, and the Dreamboy stripper, 23, who claim they are nothing more than pals, appeared happy and relaxed in one another’s as they worked up a sweat in a park local to Pricey’s current housing accommodation.

Watch: A Sneak peek into the ‘Pair Workout’ in Park

The model joined by Dreamboys pal Al for the Chubby Bunny challenge at her new home, which she is renting for £4,250 a month. Katrina Amy Alexandra Alexis Infield, known professionally as Katie Price and previously by the pseudonym Jordan, is an English media personality, model, businesswoman, author, and singer.

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The mum-of-five was certainly put through her paces by the personal trainer, as the pair performed several movements and stretches. At one point, Katie leaned against a tree to help her balance as she stretched her thigh muscles. Al did not mind getting hands-on as he manipulated the busty star into several positions.

Katie Price and Al Warrell
Katie Price and Al Warrrell

Katie ensured she looked photo-ready as she stepped out with a face of expertly applied make-up and with her raven extensions styled in a sleek style. Katie sported leggings that clung to her hourglass shape and trainers. The pair can be in close contact during the corona virus pandemic as Al moved in with Katie and her son Harvey, 17, before the nationwide lock down. Fans became aware of Katie’s new house guest when he appeared in a video posted to her YouTube page this week. Katie moved into her temporary residence, which is 10 minutes away from her ex Peter Andre’s home before the lock down began.

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