KatmovieHD: Important facts that saves your life

Katmoviehd is a bootleg recording website that distributes illegal copyrighted materials, including shows, movies, and videos on the internet, By executing the method of pirating movies and uploading them online. 

Enjoying movies as a leisure time activity is quite popular nowadays, as, many people choose to do that.  And moreover luckily, in the internet age, we have nearly unfettered access to as much information and entertainment as we could want. Plus we live in a golden age of TV where our cup runneth over with all that’s available on streaming services.

Hence the next step comes is surfing the internet for watching a movie, so for this what you do without unknowingly you go to sites that are illegal to watch that are pirated websites that offer recently released movies such a website is katmoviehd. These bogus websites do an illegal acquisition, duplication, and distribution of the film media, by directly imitating the copyrighted contents without the license to do so. 

There are countless websites that provide unlawful access to copyright content like films, TV shows, and web series. Such a website is katmoviehd is one among them due to which the entertainment professionals and even lower residuals who work behind the scenes suffer a considerable loss. Hence to share a proper awareness and consequences if one accesses such pirated illegal websites, we have drafted the article for your complete information. 

What is katmoviehd? 

Katmoviehd a nefarious torrent website that exhibits copyrighted content available worldwide. It has numerous online visitors by providing thousands of Bollywood, Hollywood, dubbed movies in the genre like horror, action, comedy, action, sci-fi, etc, in HD quality, and these movies are pirated versions of the real film.

Hence the Government has forced a strict ban on the Katmoviehd website as the movie enterprise has largely dropped caused by such illegal sites. Accordingly, it’s better to stay off from this sort of website as it utterly prohibited. Never download such types of contents that are interdicted. It’s better to understand the laws formed by the authorities which are desirable for all. 

How does katmoviehd work? 

The working method is the same as other torrent websites, they provide the user with pirated links to recent movies within the first week of release to attract its viewers. Despite the quality of these movies being inferior and low video pixels, these movies get a good rating as it is uploaded a couple of days of release. Hence the user is getting an easy access option sitting at home without going to theatres which is an illegal act.

Hence we suggest you to watch new movies on theatres or wait for its official small screen release and stop piracy.

What is the action taken by the Government to stop websites like katmoviehd?

Regardless of several attempts by the Government. It becomes difficult to hold such websites back. And moreover being a torrent site it’s just a collection of links to a bunch of anonymous people, who are behind such operations. So it’s difficult for the officials to trace out and these sites come out with new additional URL’s which is to thwart the administrators from executing such illegitimate work such as piracy. 

Torrent website like katmoviehd to mind out.

Watching illegal streams that work without any licensing is a crime. The accused and the perpetrator both may face the rage of the judicial system. Hence to give you an awareness of the illegal websites we have clustered a list below for your information.

What is Indian Copy right law?

The most important Act with respect to film protection today is the Indian Copy Right Act (1957). As per the law which defines “ cinematograph film” which refers to the owner regarding intellectual property. Protection of the film It also makes instances of infringement copyright contents can make a person to be punishable for the offense with 6month to 3 years with fine which shall be not less than 50,000. 

Disclaimer: We don’t promote piracy and fully comply with the copyright clauses and advise our users to be very much vigilant by using such illegal websites.

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