Katy Perry’s Epic “Teenage Dream” Album is 10 years old

Katy Perry is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of her epic “Teenage Dream” album which paved her to international pop star status.

‘Teenage Dream’ is an album that captured the hearts of everyone, a mainstream album by Katy Perry released on August 24, 2010, in the United States, Canada  But unfortunately leaked a few days before through torrents and online sharing.

“Teenage Dream”: Watch the official Video here

‘Hot and Cold’ star found her way there in 2010. The album shares a romantic subject matter, the splintery high notes, and a gentle kick drum. Yet the creation of the song was effortless. “I hadn’t had any hits at all, so I was like, This is my 8-mile moment,” said co-writer Bonnie Mckee.

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On the eve Katy Rose tweeted on twitter UM HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TEENAGE DREAM!!! She was the No.i hit with anthems like “Teenage Dream”, “Firework” “Roar” and more. The ‘I Kissed a Girl’ icon had to fail before she became a smashing hit. 

Katy Perry Early Failure 

At a young age, it was proved that Katy was talented, Even at the age of 15, she gained a passion of songwriting and recording demos. In the beginning, she was dropped several times for her many albums flopped. And in about 4 years, she proved she really had what it takes to be a star. Her big break came in 2007 when she signed with Capitol records. Besides being a singer she is a wonderful woman, with a powerful story of success. 

katy perry
katy perry

Additionally, her success was over to the film industry, her autobiographical film ‘Part of Me’ gave her fans a glance at her life and raked $30 million at the box office. And now she is now worth 135 million and the greatest singer of our times. 

Recently katy had revealed about her pregnancy as she says she’s been very active in promoting her latest album “Frothy” and adds her wedding plans are not on the cards for 2020.

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