‘Kanye West’ threw his Grammy in the toilet by literally peeing on it- find it on his Instagram

Kanye West is there with another tweetstorm that included a graphic video of him and one of his Grammy awards amid his annoyance with the music industry.

Kanye West,43, once again stunned his followers by posting a video of him on Instagram posing peeing on his prized Grammy awards in a toilet bowl captioned with ALL THE MUSICIANS WILL BE FREE. This finds it to be the pinnacle of his desire to be released from his recording contracts with his music publisher.

Watch the Video of Kanye West Peeing on Grammy Awards

Kayne started his rivalry against the music industry earlier this week by declaring that artists had little to no power because record labels owned all their work.

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The rapper said “ In the streaming world master ownership is everything…. “Artists are starving without tours… Ima go get our master… for all artists… pray for me.”


Kanye West Run for president

Kayne who is also planning for his run for president in U.S emerged with a detailing plans for his run, The opening line of the New York Times article reads that he wants to “bring back prayer in school, give more Government support to religious groups and has even asked his campaign staff to refrain from fornicating outside of marriage, according people aiding his candidacy.

Kanye West Joins US Presidency
Kanye West Joins US Presidency

The “Jesus is King” rapper  also said he does not want to ban abortion:” I don’t want to ban or stop or point fingers at anything.”  “Stipend for families that need support, creating orphanages that are really high- level desirable for people to go to, and the redesign of communities and cities, in general to be supporting families.”

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