Kendall Jenner Rocks in mini skirt, A night out with Devin Booker

Kendall Jenner returns back to semblance after the lockdown ease since she was cooped up for weeks in quarantine. Enjoys night out dinner with hunky NBA Star, ‘Devin Booker.’ The splendid model showed off her stunning leg shape in a black mini-skirt that had put off a dinner at a Nobu hotspot!

Kendall Jenner and NBA star Devin Booker 23, rumors are still swirling, both love birds were seen out to dinner at the Nobu restaurant in Malibu. The 24, year model was seen dressed to the nines for the evening, donning a Black Mini Skirt with a matching leather jacket, paired with leather boots.

Watch: The Stunning Look of Kendall Jenner in Mini Skirt

Kendall Jenner enjoying with NBA Hunky

Since quarantine time Kendall, who was caught for violating the rules, has been enjoying seeing more of the outside of it with friend Devin. The Phoenix Suns basketball player has been spending a lot of time with Kendall, The two were spotted out with cameras while on a road trip at Arizona In April during the pandemic. The makeup mogul was completely trolled for ignoring the guidelines of lockdown.

After the sighting was reported on another site, fans jumped to comment on the “Seventeen Magazine” ambassador.

“ NBA player passing around Kendall Jenner,” the other wrote with a gift of three men passing around a small child.

Another jested, she was the one passing them around.

Kendall slammed back at the Online trolls commenting. “ They act like I’m not in full control of where I throw this cooch”.

On the contrary, a source close to the pair says that Kendall and Devin are enjoying just the sake of friendship and are really good friends. “ Kendall and Devin have known each other and been friends for years and have always gotten along great so it’ really not a big deal that they’re spending time together,’ ‘ Report with Hollywood life.


“Well nothing to be known yet something more to be seen at this point, but right now they are good friends who enjoy having fun together, there is good bonding between them hence there is a realm of possibility. But right now because of the pandemic situation and NBA suspension both are able to spend time with each other connecting them more”.

A secondary source added, “ Kendall and Devin enjoy their presence together hence they are from the same inner circle. Devin misses his sports games right now so being able to hang with someone you like the most is a pleasure to make himself in the boring situation and he does like Jenner company more than a friend. He is working on it more when Kendall is given a chance.

Even it was rumored previously that Kendall had a public romance with Philadelphia 76ers’ athlete Ben Simmons in the past.

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